Rooms prices

From 30 to 100 euro

Touristic Tax

Turist will be charged with a daily touristic tax each person, following you can find a multilanguage attachment which explain applicability and full o partial exoneration cases.


Exoneration module, only italian


Troppo presto, troppo presto!


RULES IN BRIC À BRAC Bed & Breakfast

Following you can find our Rules, you need to accept this rules in case you want to stay in Bric à Brac Bed & Breakfast

PDF It - PDF En - PDF Es (NA)

Breakfast and Check-in Time

You may have breakfast at anytime make use of all the available food at your disposal, following istruction given by owner at the checkin. You are pleased to inform about any kind of food allergy. Check-in time start at 15:00 up to 18:00, if you have different needs let us now in advance. Check-out within 10:00 in the morning.